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Artificial Green Wall Plant Garden Panel Daffodil Smile Disc Art 50cm Grassy UV Resistant Frame

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Artificial Green Wall Plant Panel Disc Garden Flower Art 50cm Grassy UV Resistant-Fireworks Daffodil Smile Frame

Introducing our Artificial Green Wall Plant Panel Disc Garden Flower Art 100cm Grassy UV Resistant-Fireworks Black Frame, a top-quality product designed to instantly transform any space into an evergreen oasis. This product boasts a durable and aesthetically pleasing frame that perfectly complements the beautiful foliage, offering stunning and realistic greenery without the maintenance and watering required for live plants.

Our artificial green wall is extremely dense and lifelike, providing a permanent evergreen setting that will last for years to come. The easy installation process allows you to quickly and easily install the panel onto nearly any surface, just like hanging a picture.


  • Extremely dense & lifelike
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Provides a permanent evergreen setting
  • Made with a high-quality frame & beautiful foliage
  • Stunning long-lasting artificial foliage, that offers stunning greenery without the hassle of maintenance or watering
  • Quickly & easily install this vertical garden onto nearly any surface

Package Content:

  • 1 x Artificial Green Wall Disk Art 50cm

Please note: Your artificial green wall disc will arrive tightly packed in a box to ensure protection during shipping. However, this may result in the foliage appearing squished, which is normal and can be easily fixed. Simply adjust the branches towards the edges of the frame and bend them to cover any visible spaces.