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Bestway 3m Paddle Board Inflatable Removable Seat Innovative Technology

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Bestway® Enjoy the warmer months with this incredible paddle board. Built using innovative technology, this board has exceptional strength, similar to that of a hard board. Included is an adjustable and removable seat and footrest. Sit, kneel or stand whilst you glide through the water.

Product Features:
1x Paddle Board From Hydro-Force
Length: 3m
Measurements: 12cm x 84cm x 3m
Maximum Load: 120kg
Included: Paddle, Hand Pump, Repair Kit, Coiled Leash, Centre Fin, Seat, Footrest, Travel Backpack
Hand Pump: 15 PSI To Quickly Inflate
Paddle Is Adjustable To Suit Various Arm Lengths
Seat With Backrest Can Be Adjusted Or Removed
Footrest Is Removable
Store Away In Backpack When Not Using
UV Resistant
Built To Withstand Weight, Strain and Movement
Exceptional Strength
Designed Using Innovative Technology
Great For Anytime Paddling
Take With You On Holidays, Camping, Water Activities

WARNING: Product will not protect against drowning. Use only under constant supervision.