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Bestway H2OGO My First Fast Set Spray Pool for Kids

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H2OGO Bestway My First Fast Set Spray Pool

  • Using the Bestway® My First Fast Set™ Spray Pool is the perfect way to help kids develop a love of water at a young age.
    This inflatable pool requires no assembly. Simply select a level surface, inflate the top ring and watch the pool rise as it fills with water. Despite the lightning quick and frameless setup, this My First Fast Set pool is built to last.
  • The sidewalls are constructed with puncture-resistant Tritech™ material, 3 layers of durable mesh and PVC that has been stress tested and can withstand exposure to UV rays. For additional fun, each pool has a mascot sprayer that sits on top. Connect these sprayers to your garden hose and enjoy the constant and cool stream that will surely excite the young ones. Splashing in the sun has never been more fun than with My First Fast Set Spray Pool!

WARNING! Children have drowned in portable swimming pools. Ensure active adult supervision at all times. Do not leave children unsupervised in or around the pool—keep them within arm's reach. Empty and store safely after use.


  • Liner is supported by an inflatable top ring
  • Select a level surface, inflate top ring and the pool will rise as it’s filled with water
  • Tritech™ enhanced 3-ply liner is durable and puncture-resistant
  • Animal sprays water when connected to a garden hose
  • Easy to take down for off-season storage