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Soundtec 2.0ch Mini Boombox

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Do you need a portable speaker which is rugged enough to go anywhere, has powerful sound and enhances the festivity with the bright lights in a classic boom-box shaped design? 
The SoundTec Mini Boombox with its dual speakers, robust carrying handle and boom-box shaped design will have you blasting beats at a backyard BBQ or splashing sounds at your next pool party. 
Attractive RGB lighting on the speaker surrounds adds a touch of party atmosphere, which is complimented by True Wireless Speaker (TWS) pairing so you can rock 2 identical speakers for even bigger sound to really get things cranking. 
A water resistance rating and rechargeable battery keeps the SoundTec Mini Boombox pumping no matter the location or weather.
Key Features:
Dynamic Dual Sound Speakers: Experience immersive audio wherever you go.
Versatile Portability: Ideal for indoor/outdoor events, BBQs, or park gatherings.
True Wireless Stereo (TWS): Pair two identical speakers for amplified coverage and exceptional sound.