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LIFEBEA Small Cat Carrier Pet bag: Comfy Shoulder Bag with Adjustable Strap for Small Dogs, Puppies, Kittens Up to 3kg /6.6 lbs - Grey

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The cat carrier bag is made of lambskin and mesh fabric, combining softness and breathability. It is designed to accommodate dogs weighing up to 3kg and cats weighing up to 4kg. The shoulder strap is adjustable, allowing for easy carrying by hand or over  the shoulder. Additionally, the bag features a convenient hook that can be attached to the pet's collar, ensuring security during transportation. The inclusion of a cushion provides extra comfort for the pet inside the bag, allowing them to relax  and enjoy the journey.



Type: pet carrier bag

Product size:40 x 21 x 18cm / 15.74 x 8.26 x 7.08 inch

Weight: 0.3kg

Suit for: puppy up to 3kg / 6.6 lbs and kitten up to 4kg / 8.8 lbs

Package Content:

1 x pet carrier bag